Sunday, March 8, 2009

Excellent ! Home made Trader Joe's Comercial

Trader Joe's is a superb retail concept developed by the Aldi group. Amazing to see how the German Hard Discount chain succeeded in reinventing a concept specifically for US customers (a total "retailtainment" experience) with the basics of the hard discount concept (private label, edlp, strong logistics,...).

Trader Joe's success is also due to the special relationship he builds with his customers. Great example with this video made by Carls Fine Films (CFF), a film company specialized in computer generated and animation movies. CFF is located in San Francisco, close to a Trader Joe's shop. The owner, Carl Willat, were told by a Shop Manager that shooting photos is prohibited. So he decided to make a (not so) short comercial about Trader Joe's with his Treo phone. Result is great ! Trader Joe's should use it for his own comercials !!

PS: You surely recognized the song adapted from Antonio Carlos Jobim Águas de março.
PSS: Want more about Trader Joe's ?
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