Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Trader Joe's clients

I visited this summer Trader Joe's for the first time. It's really a unique concept, with special mention to the in-store communication and private label range development.

Belonging to Aldi Group, the company shares the parent company the cult of secret. To know more about Trader Joe's, I suggest the book by Len Lewis, The Trader Joe's Adventure (a book recommended by Jean-Pierre). I particularly liked the description of the target client made of aphorisms :

  • Out-of-work PhD's
  • College professors who drive old Volvos
  • Overeducated and underpaid
  • People with champagne tastes and beer incomes
  • Yuppie epicures in search of Tasmanian feta cheese
Here's a video shot a sunday afternoon. A lot of clients !!

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