Friday, July 31, 2009

Customer info in Mexican Supermarket

It's common in Mexico to find at the entrance of the Supermarkets a price comparison between two shopping carts with a sample of products, showing of course, that the store is much cheaper than the competitor. It's also not so obvious to add, like a legal mention "No incluye el carrito" aka "Cart not included".

"Dear clients, you may find the Juices where was the beers and Waters where was the wines"

As Tesco says it : Every little helps...


OSICAM said...

French retailers are still cold feet about that topic. Leclerc aside, I only know Auchan that decided to counterattack by advertising on competition price comparison.

That is a pitty, because this is a very powerful communication medium.

Grégoire Kaufman said...

You're right. Some isolated supermarkets show price comparison, but French law is very strict in that field.