Saturday, October 4, 2008

Vivre et réussir son expatriation, 7 tips in (a less than) 7 minutes video

Henri Kaufman (my dad) and his pal PPC are the creators of "How to - les videos du succès". On a weekly basis they present here a video (in French) on such different topics as "How to say I love you", "Order your desk" (or better said, how to convince yourself to not ordering your desk...;), or "How to become an excellent photograph". More than 20 videos released up to date. 

The tips are out of the box thoughts and make you think twice about a subject you believe have deep knowledge in. Remarkable point,  all videos are structured in the same way : 7 advices / tips given in (less than) 7 minutes.

This week, I'm interviewed about how to live a successful expatriation. Enjoy !

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PPC said...

Thank you Gregoire for this post and for your helpful tips. Glad you like our "How to - les videos du succès"

By the way... your dad really rocks !