Monday, September 29, 2008

Banana display in Shanghai and Ráquira, Colombia

Bananas are one of the best selling item in Fruits & Vegetables in the world. It's the fourth most widely consumed food.  The price of the banana is very sensitive for customers and it's a strong builder of Price Image among retailers.  

In France, the cheapest price you can find in supermarkets is about 0,99 €/kg. 

I shot this photo in a street market in Shanghaï and liked very much the display. 

But my best ever banana display was found in Ráquira, Colombia. Ráquira is a small village located 3 hours from Bogota and (not so) welknown for his pottery and handicraft. It's so lost than eve Google maps can hardly find an itinerary from Bogota...

Bananas are presented in a unique and very artistic way ! Let me know if you have ever shot bananas in a market. 

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