Friday, October 30, 2009

Barcode Art

The barcode, created in 1948 by Bernard Silver has dramatically changed the way retailers do business, allowing them to increase the number of products sold and managing the inventories. The barcode is part of our modern life in which any product is identified by a scanner.

Here are a sample of interesting use of the famous barcode, mainly found in Oddee.

A Zebra Barcode photo by Tim Flach

D-Barcode is a Japanese Design Agency that creates specific barcodes (that works !) for retail products. A great packaging idea and as their slogans says "Big ideas are small"

A CD holder designed by Marián Laššák
Barcode Street Art in Northampton

Barcode Building Vitruvius & Sons Architectural Studios in St Petersburg


Sébastien Rozen said...

Hi, i stumbled upon this website today that also presents some barcode art :

You might like it.

Grégoire Kaufman said...

Thank's for the comment and the site. great applications of the barcode design !