Thursday, April 2, 2009

Behind the new Pepsi logo

Pepsico just released a new logo for his famous soft drink.

Lawrence Yang is a young industrial designer living in San Francisco who has a very personal interpretation of the logo, with a belly button in the middle of the white surface for a stunning result : obese man...

You can buy the tee shirt with the logo parody here.

More interesting is the Design Brief from the Design Agency Arnell Group that can be found here. It's a must read !! You'll see in this "Breathtaking" presentation (that's the title) that the new Pepsi logo is inspired by the golden ratio, the Parthenon, Mona Lisa, the magnetic fields of the earth, etc.

A monument ...

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Nicolas Schriver said...

I bought a book not so long ago about the magic number, which is defining perfection. It was interesting to see that a lot of monuments, famous billboards and also beings like shells and fishes have been define thanks to it. It is always interesting to see this work.

Great article. Thanks for sharing. I'll talk about it in my blog.