Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The meat culture in Meatpaper

Sasha Wizansky, a graphic designer and Amy Standen, a reporter, are the talentuous creator of Meatpaper a print magazine about meat. Well, not the typical magazine about recipe or restaurants reviews but a review focused on ideas and art around the meat culture. As they write, they like metaphors more than marinating tips...  It speaks about the symbolism, the rituals and what the meat says and delivers about our culture through  its representation. 

Among the great creativity of the magazine you may find an Ode to Boudin a poem by Kevin Young or the impact of globalization on poultry industry by Malia Wollan . Other topic of interest, why do men eat beef or lamb testicles in order to enhance their "sexual power" meanwhile we've never seen anyone eating udder's cow in order to inflate breasts... 

Meatpaper is also interesting in the way it illustrates the topics with creative designer like Robert Bolesta who created this fantastic font called "value pack" made of fresh meat. For sure it would be a hit on any supermarket shelf !

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Henri Kaufman said...

il y a eu récemment à Paris une expo consacrée ... à la tripe. Elle s'appelait Trip' de Table : http://www.orserie.fr/Exposition-Trip-de-Table_3373.html

Il fallait y aller avec le cœur bien accroché !