Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Cité du Commerce guest speaker

I will be guest speaker at the Cité du Commerce et de la Consommation, saturday 29th at 14h30 in ESCP-EAP Business school Campus. The topic will be Increases in prices and purchasing power : which danger for democracy. 

Others speakers will be 
Michel Barnier, French Minister of Agriculture, 
Jerome Bedier, President of the Federation des entreprises du commerce et de la distribution
Jean-Paul Betbeze, chief economist
Olivier Desforges, President of ILEC (Institut de liaisons et d'etudes des Industries de Consommation

To get entrances check here

See you there !

1 comment:

Nicolas Schriver said...

I wish to come but unfortunately I am not sure I'll be able to... Good luck for the presentation though.