Saturday, September 20, 2008

Magic and Psychology... plus a strange coincidence

The practice of Magic boosts confidence and self discipline says Pr Richard Wiseman  (Hertfordshire University in UK) in a recent study. The study of Magic is strongly recommended for children from 8 years and scientific studies show that the study of Magic to be much more useful than classic classes. As any magicians know, Magic requires a lot of self discipline to learn the art of astonishing people. You also need to understand deeply how others people think and react. You need to develop a certain sensitivity to people's reaction and learn how to deceive them. At last, for young people, it's an excellent way to interact with their friends and relatives and help them to socialize.

As a cardmagic amateur (and almost daily pratician) I fully subscribe to these findings and support magic classes. Indeed, the French Lycée of Bogota, Colombia is offering Magic workshops for pupils from 8 to 10 years, courses given by the excellent Richard Sarmiento (best known as Mago Richard), one of the best Colombian magician and surely the best teacher and lover of Magic of Colombia. My daughter Madeleine had the opportunity to take the classes and was delighted by the experience.

The amazing coincidence came last friday when my beloved wife bought for the first time of her life the
Daily Mail, without any explicit reason. She discovered a short note about magic and called my attention. The incredible is that the article was about Richard Wiseman, the author of Quirkology, the book I was actually reading !!

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henri said...

Remarquer ou susciter les coïncidences ? Facile, c'est une qualité atavique !