Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sam Walton's quotations

about why he established WalMart in Bentonville, Arkansas :
"It was good for me because I wanted to get closer to good quail hunting, and with Oklahoma, Kansas, Arkansas and Missouri all coming together right there it gave me access to four quail seasons in four states."

"We were forced to be ahead of our time in distribution and communication because our stores were sitting out there in tiny little towns and we had to stay in touch and keep them supplied"

" In retail, you are either operations driven - where your main thrust is toward reducing expenses and improving efficiency - or you are merchandise driven. The ones that are truly merchandise driven can always work on improving operations. But the ones that operations driven tend to level off and begin to deteriorate"

"From the very beginning, we never believed in spending much money on advertising, and saturation helped us to save a fortune in that department"

"The way management treats the associates is exactly how the associates will then treat the customers."

"The secret of successful retailing is to give your customers what they want"

"There's not an individual in these whole United States who has been in more retail stores than Sam Walton"
Bud Walton (Sam's brother)

"I was impressed with the giant Carrefour stores in Brazil, which got me started on a campaign to bring home a concept called Hypermart - giant stores with groceries and general merchandise under one roof."


Nicolas Schriver said...

Walmart would have been inspired by Carrefour? That is pretty nice...
But I wouldn't consider Walmart as a "hypermart", as it doesn't have fresh grocery products like fruits and a limited choice in other food categories, even though that might be what looks like the most in the US.

I like these quotes, very simple keys of success Sam Walton has implemented.

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